Busting the Myth: Yoga Teachers Can Make 6 Figures While Loving What They Do


For many aspiring yoga teachers, the idea of making a comfortable living while following their passion seems like an unattainable dream. The prevalent myth that yoga teachers cannot earn a six-figure income has created a scarcity mindset within the yoga community. However, it’s time to challenge this limiting belief and embrace the concept of abundance. Being enlightened means understanding that abundance is energy, and aligning ourselves with it allows us to walk the true path of yoga. In this blog, we will explore why scarcity thinking persists in the yoga teacher world and how we can overcome it to create a thriving and fulfilling career.

The Scarcity Mindset in Yoga:

Scarcity thinking in the yoga teacher community is rooted in several factors. Firstly, there is the perception that yoga is primarily a spiritual practice, and the pursuit of material wealth is incompatible with this path. This belief often leads to the devaluation of yoga teaching as a profession, undermining its potential for financial success.

Furthermore, the traditional model of yoga teaching, often associated with donation-based or low-paying classes, has perpetuated the notion that making a substantial income is unrealistic. Many yoga teachers struggle to make ends meet, which further reinforces the scarcity mindset. This scarcity thinking hinders their ability to thrive and share their passion fully.

Embracing Abundance:

Yoga philosophy teaches us that abundance is a natural state of being. It encourages us to shift our perspective from scarcity to abundance, recognizing that there is enough for everyone. By embracing abundance, yoga teachers can unlock their full potential and create a sustainable and prosperous career.

Aligning with the Yoga Path:

Walking the path of yoga means integrating its principles into all aspects of our lives, including our profession. When we align our work with our values and passions, it becomes an extension of our yoga practice. Yoga teaching can be a means of spreading love, healing, and mindfulness, while also providing financial abundance.

Supporting Burnt Out Yoga Teachers:

Many yoga teachers experience burnout due to the constant struggle to make a living while teaching. Recognizing the need for support, communities and organizations have emerged that are dedicated to empowering yoga teachers to evolve their practice and business skills. These resources provide valuable guidance on enrolling loyal students, marketing strategies, and financial planning to help yoga teachers thrive both personally and professionally.

Growing to 6 Figures:

Making a six-figure income as a yoga teacher is not only possible but also an empowering goal to strive for. By adopting a growth mindset, yoga teachers can develop their skills, expand their offerings, and tap into new avenues of income generation. Diversifying revenue streams through workshops, retreats, online courses, private sessions, and collaborations can help yoga teachers reach their financial goals.

Making an Impact and Reigniting Passion:

Earning a sustainable income as a yoga teacher allows individuals to make a more significant impact on their students and communities. Financial stability enables teachers to invest in their own growth, take continuing education courses, and offer specialized services. As a result, they can inspire and uplift their students, reigniting their own passion for teaching yoga.


The myth that yoga teachers cannot make six figures while loving what they do is an outdated belief that stifles the potential of yoga as a profession. Embracing abundance and aligning our work with the principles of yoga allows us to break free from scarcity thinking and create a thriving and fulfilling career. By supporting burnt-out yoga teachers, fostering growth, and integrating yoga into our lives holistically, we can elevate the yoga teacher community, make a lasting impact, and reignite our passion for teaching yoga. If you feel off the path, reach out and connect with like-minded individuals and communities who are passionate about supporting your journey. Together, we can transform the yoga teaching landscape and create a new paradigm of abundance for all.