8 Limbs Yoga Leadership Academy

A 200-Hour Yoga Online Teacher Training and Transformational Journey

A Journey Into Your Best and Highest Self

In just 4 MONTHS of enrolling in our Yoga Teacher Training, you can expect:

Discover Your Authentic Self:

Embrace the transformative journey of yoga teaching, delving deep into your own truth and setting an inspiring example for others to follow.

Unlock Unprecedented Joy and Authenticity:

Experience profound personal growth, leading to heightened levels of joy, authenticity, and self-expression. This newfound confidence will elevate all aspects of your life.

Masterful Communication Skills:

Elevate your communication abilities to a level where your words and actions resonate with others. You’ll gain the expertise to move, touch, and inspire individuals both on and off the yoga mat.

Embrace Leadership:

Step confidently into a leadership role that not only empowers you but also opens doors to opportunities where you can share the gift of yoga and make a positive impact wherever it’s needed.

Whether you want to participate in 8 Limbs Yoga Leadership Academy to become a yoga teacher or you want to participate for your own personal growth and transformation- this could be the right fit for you.

Yoga teachers come in many shapes and forms.

They are school teachers, attorneys, CEO’s, coaches, moms, dads, college students, hairdressers, executives.

And the cool thing is, you can take the skills and tools that you gain in a yoga teacher training into everything that you do in your life so that your life becomes richer and more meaningful. You become the person who makes a difference everywhere you go.



With over two decades of teaching experience, equating to well over 20,000 hours of dedicated practice, your lead trainer Lauren Golen has continuously pursued deep transformational inner work that knows no bounds.

She is a transformational coach, an entrepreneur, an educator, and a curator of life-altering breakthrough experiences. She is the founder of At Zero Yoga Institute and is passionate about taking all of her experience and knowledge and sharing it with others who share the love of yoga and personal growth and making a difference.

If you share a genuine commitment to your path and would love to start teaching yoga or integrate yoga more deeply as a lifestyle in everything that you do, then let’s get the party started! I wholeheartedly invite you to embark on this transformative experience alongside me and fill out your application today.


If you know:

that you want to become a yoga teacher


you are already a certified yoga teacher who desires going deeper on the yoga path


you want to be part of a group of humans supporting one another through a transformative and immersive experience to ignite the next chapter of your life in any way

…then 8 limbs yoga leadership academy could be that door that you get to open.

8 Limbs Yoga Leadership Academy is a strategic 200-hour yoga teacher training and transformational program to support you to create breakthroughs in the areas that are most important to you.

You will learn how to teach the Hot 26 and 2 yoga practice (Bikram Yoga) and so much more...

Techniques, Training and Practice:

Asanas (Postures):

Explore a wide range of yoga postures to improve flexibility, strength, and balance. Dive deep into learning the 26 and 2 practice and the proper alignment and technique for each asana.Understand the therapeutic benefits of various postures for physical and mental well-being.


Develop a consistent meditation practice to enhance focus, mindfulness, and inner peace. Explore different meditation styles, such as mindfulness, loving-kindness, and transcendental. Understand the science and philosophy behind meditation's effects on the brain and consciousness.

Pranayamas (Breathing):

Learn various breathing techniques to enhance energy, focus, and relaxation. Explore the connection between breath and emotions, and how to regulate both. Understand the physiological and psychological effects of different pranayama practices.

Chanting and Mantras:

Engage in the transformative power of sound through chanting and mantra repetition along with the practices of kundalini yoga. Explore the meaning and significance of various mantras in yoga and spirituality. Understand the vibrational impact of chanting on the mind and body. Learn about the 10 light bodies of consciousness and how to bring them into your class to support your students to become aware and conscious on a how new level

Kriyas (Cleansing Practices):

Delve into physical and spiritual cleansing practices for holistic wellness. Discover the significance and benefits of kriyas in maintaining inner purity. Explore specific techniques for cleansing the body, mind, and spirit.

Guided Practice and Training:

Experience guided sessions for each element, ensuring a deeper understanding and personal growth. Receive expert training to become a proficient practitioner and guide for others. Blend theory with practical application to master the art and science of yoga and its components.

Teaching Method

Effective Communication Skills:

You'll discover how to communicate clearly and empathetically with your students. This includes active listening, providing feedback, and fostering a supportive class environment.

Time Management:

Learn to manage your class time efficiently, ensuring that you cover all essential elements while allowing room for spontaneity and student engagement.

Establish Priorities and Boundaries:

Understand how to set clear objectives for your classes and maintain appropriate boundaries between teacher and student, creating a safe and respectful space.

Principles of Demonstration:

You'll explore the art of demonstrating yoga poses effectively, ensuring that students can visualize and replicate them accurately.

Various Teaching Styles:

Dive into different teaching styles, such as Kundalini, Yin, Transformational breath, and dance. Discover how you can bring in pieces of different lineages into your own classes so that you have variation and can take your teaching wherever you want. This will support you to teach and engage and inspire students in various contexts.

Insights into Student Learning:

Gain insights into how students absorb and retain information. You'll also engage in a unique process that starts with your own learning journey. Understanding your own learning style helps you empathize with your students and adapt your teaching methods accordingly.

Essential Qualities of a Yoga Teacher and Leader :

Explore and nurture the qualities that make an exceptional yoga instructor. These may include patience, compassion, adaptability, and a deep understanding of yoga philosophy. You will create your own yoga teacher contract and how this will be the groundwork for not just teaching but your life.

The Entrepreneurial Path and Business of Yoga:

Acquire essential knowledge about the business side of teaching yoga. This includes understanding how to market yourself as a yoga instructor, manage finances, and navigate legal considerations such as liability and contracts.

Observation Skills:

Develop the ability to observe students' movements and alignment, allowing you to provide personalized guidance and corrections.

Assisting and Correcting:

Learn how to provide hands-on assistance and verbal cues to help students deepen their practice while ensuring their safety.

Anatomy and Physiology

Within this comprehensive curriculum, we delve into the intricate realms of human physical anatomy and physiology, encompassing a profound exploration of bodily systems, organs, and their interplay. Furthermore, we extend our understanding to the realms of energy anatomy and physiology, delving into the intricate networks of chakras and nadis.

Our program uniquely combines the scientific study of anatomy and physiology with its practical application in the context of yoga practice. This multifaceted approach not only deepens our comprehension of the inner workings of the human body but also empowers us to harness this knowledge for the betterment of our yoga practice and teaching.

Here, we dive deep into the Yamas and Niyamas, the first two limbs of the 8-fold path of yoga. These ethical and moral principles serve as the compass guiding our lives.

Through these ancient teachings, we explore how to craft a yoga-inspired lifestyle that doesn’t just transform you but has a ripple effect in the world. The Yamas teach us how to interact harmoniously with others and our environment, while the Niyamas nurture our inner growth and self-care.

This lifestyle forms the very backbone of our program, the essence from which you will emerge as the highest and best version of yourself. We believe that by embodying these principles, you can become a catalyst for positive change in the world.

But that’s not all. We also journey into the wisdom of timeless texts like the Bhagavad Gita and other sacred writings. These texts are not just books; they are valuable tools that illuminate the path to leadership. Through their teachings, you’ll gain insights, strength, and clarity to lead with purpose and authenticity.

In a nutshell, you’ll not only learn about yoga but live it. Transform yourself and, in doing so, become a leader who truly makes a difference in the world.

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers, Visionaries, Changemakers and Leaders


This is where you’ll put your learning into action.

Imagine it like a playground for teaching and leading. In these modules, you’ll get to practice teaching yoga in your very own unique way. It’s like discovering your special style of guiding a group.

Think of it as your training ground to become an awesome yoga leader. You’ll get to try different ways of teaching, find your strengths, and develop your own special expression.

Whether you’re guiding yoga poses, sharing wisdom, or curating a transformational experience, this is where you shine and lead from your authentic truth and self expression. 

So, get ready to step into your own spotlight and practice teaching like a pro. The Practicum modules are where your yoga leadership journey truly takes flight!

What makes 8 Limbs Yoga leadership academy Different than any other teacher training programs that you have participated in?

8 limbs Yoga Leadership Academy is quite frankly- not like anything else out there. I’ve done my OmWork 😉

We use a unique technology that empowers yoga teachers to not only learn how to teach, but how to lead.  When you immerse yourself into this program, you will transform areas of your life that haven’t been working as well as you would like them to and you will step into your highest and best version of your true self. 

You will get access to proven high performance tools so you can unlock your power, voice, unique gifts, and abundant nature.  Limiting beliefs will dissipate and get replaced with your vision and intentions. 

You will take these living principles into teaching (if you choose to go on to teach), but you will also be taking them into your life and you will see that you will be getting increased results everywhere.  It’s all connected.  


What you’ll get inside the 8 Limbs Yoga Leadership Academy?

Certificate of completion for 200 hours of training and development and eligibility to apply for your 200 hour RYT with Yoga Alliance

Weekly recorded trainings - you can log in to the membership portal forever.

LIVE and recorded practice and feedback teaching sessions

A private virtual group with ongoing coaching, support and accountability

Transformational coaching that will support you throughout this immersive experience. This type of coaching will support you to clarify your vision and break through any and all barriers, limiting beliefs, and old programs getting in the way of you creating it.

This is an online training program and portions are being done in person at the studio. If you're in Florida, you're welcome to join us in person for any live studio sessions. If you're in another state or country, you can still attend the in-person opening and closing weekends in Palm Beach Gardens or opt for the complete virtual experience.

Who is this program for?

Candidates who will be good fit for the 8 Limbs Yoga Leadership Academy are:

Yoga instructors with a teaching background looking to elevate their leadership and teaching skills.

Individuals aspiring to become yoga teachers who are eager to stand out and make a positive impact on their students and the world.

People in search of personal growth and transformation, ready to ignite a new chapter in their lives and feel inspired and empowered.

Individuals who are willing to delve deep into self-discovery and do the inner work to overcome obstacles and become the best versions of themselves.

Professionals from various fields who want to enhance their skills and leadership qualities to stand out in their careers and become the go-to person in their industry.

Individuals who have a strong passion for the positive impact that yoga can have on individuals and society and want to be leaders in driving that change.

Those who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone, take risks, and explore new horizons in both their personal and professional lives.

Individuals interested in building a strong and supportive community of like-minded yoga enthusiasts and teachers.

Those with a vision for the future and a desire to create a positive ripple effect in the world through their yoga teaching and leadership.

Individuals who are self-driven and motivated to excel in their yoga teaching and leadership journey.

Individuals who are self-driven and motivated to excel in their yoga teaching and leadership journey.

The 8 Limbs Yoga Leadership Academy is designed for a diverse range of individuals who share a common desire to enhance their yoga teaching skills, leadership abilities, and personal development, making a meaningful impact in the yoga community and beyond.

What will your results be?

I started a coaching business earlier this year without much direction or plan for client acquisition. Lauren helped me identify limiting beliefs and incomplete triggers/relationships that were getting in the way of me taking personal responsibility and stepping into my role as a leader and coach. During the 3 months I was working with Lauren, I enrolled a new client and re-enrolled an existing client for an additional 3 months! Through her powerful coaching, I now feel confident and like I have the tools to continue having these conversations with my clients, and my past and limiting beliefs are where they belong- in the past. I recommend Lauren to visionaries, leaders, and entrepreneurs, and anyone who is looking to break through self-doubt so they can make the impact they came here to make, heart-centered business. Thank you, Lauren!
Sarah Lane
I always know that when I step into Lauren's class I will learn something new. Whether it's something I feel in my body or a new awareness I have about myself. She always seems to share something that I can relate to. I am grateful that I get to learn from her. Oh, and she's funny too! "
Monica P.
I always know that when I step into Lauren's class I will learn something new. Whether it's something I feel in my body or a new awareness I have about myself. She always seems to share something that I can relate to. I am grateful that I get to learn from her. Oh, and she's funny too! "
Monica P.
I've done various forms of yoga ranging from vinyasa, ashtanga to traditional and power yoga. I found Laurens classes extremely useful in Aligning my energies. The information she shares is insightful. I especially love the music she uses in the classes. Each class has opened something new within me. Sat Nam with breath of Fire has become my favorite and i use it almost everyday whenever I need a boost of energy. The classes are challenging and inspiring. Lauren patiently replies to all emails and questions in her sessions. And even though I am here in Mumbai, India I feel connected with her through the lovely practice and her guidance. I look forward to the classes new muscles are working and higher levels of energy moving within me! I am so glad I signed up for the Fall Reboot. Can't wait to do more sessions. Thank you for opening up a new and beautiful way! Much Love and Light.
Annuja S.
In the past, I have been betrayed by people close to me. I then believed that if I became close to people, they would hurt me too, so I was living mostly not trusting people. Through my work with Lauren, I have dispelled this limiting belief and it’s been a game-changer. Lauren has guided me in aligning with my true purpose. I was able to break down some of my own obstacles and barriers that held me back from using my voice and feeling confident in my leadership in my business and life. I am incredibly grateful for working with Lauren as she has helped me improve my confidence and relationships in every area of my life.
Dr. Beth Kozak
Lauren overall is a relentless coach and teacher. In the background of everything that she does is that she wants to make a massive difference for people and be of service. She provides a high level of customer service and always sees you for your potential, not your excuses." In the beginning it was tough, I didn’t quite know what to expect. But, Lauren made it easy to realize the steady incremental growth that came about because of my consistent practice and her teaching. In a matter of weeks, I could see the overflow into other parts of my life. I began to see more movement in my business and in the important relationships in my life. I continue to practice and see the massive results.
Greg Hyson
Before working with Lauren, I think I was on autopilot and I was becoming a little bit mechanical in my practice and self-awareness. Working with Lauren is special, she comes into each session with confidence and positivity along with humility and warmth which made me feel relaxed and motivated at the same time. It’s just a beautiful balance. What I find myself doing quite often is thinking about the things that she would say in class which made it a holistic approach. If someone would consider working with Lauren, I would say go for it! You will absolutely not be sorry, working with Lauren is just a very special treat, treat yourself now.
Tobi D’Andrea

Saturday Day Long Schedule and Dates

10am- 11:30am Morning Practice
12- 6pm Presentations and Training Modules

Every Wednesday throughout the length of training:

Every Wednesday throughout the length of training:
6pm- 7pm practice
7-9pm lecture, discussion, Q and A


Your Journey of Empowerment includes weekend intensives, weekly modules, and immersive experiences throughout.

Investment in Yourself


Early bird = $3200 (before October 31st)

Application Process and Requirements:

Complete and submit application on this page
When your application is received - you will be sent an invite to Schedule interview with Lauren Golen
If accepted into the program, remit 25% deposit

For more information, please e-mail support@atzeroyoga.com